Developmental Success!

Don’t get tooo excited. I’m really excited, but you shouldn’t be… yet.

I will soon release 3.4 for you. It has some changes, nothing too major in my opinion. Except for the installer I’ve redesigned for 3.4 and 4.0.

And I JUST finished it. Every time I thought I had a feature figured out, something else was botched. And after some research, it appeared that others had tried some part of my overall idea, but it didn’t quite line up. But I finally tweaked and rewrote and rebuild and it all came together.

What does this mean? Sweetness, that’s what!

So you’re running 3.3, but you want the updates 3.4 has to offer? Well ordinarily, I’d say to back up your stuff with something like Mybackup or Titanium, then run the rom .zip, and pray that the backup/restore utility brings back up your setup with no loss of functionality. Now I suppose I could make a .zip with just the 5 files I changed, but that becomes too many things for me to manage and you to download… no, no it’s not clean enough. NOW the rom will identify that you’re on the latest version, and apply only the changed files without any wiping! This is how themes are usually applied, so it’s safe, almost instant, and harmless! Did I mention fast?

So you converted your phone to MTD, but your wife’s is still on BML? No problem! With a hat tip to Bbelos and Senseisimple, ThunderHawk can now install on MTD, EXT4, or RFS(will convert to EXT4) from one single .zip installer. But on that note, it will not convert for you, I leave format selections up to the end user.

So you’re on a different rom but you want to come back to ThunderHawks awesomeness? Not a problem! This same single .zip installer will still attempt to preserve your data before flashing over a different rom! Now I still recommend backing up your own data just in case if you take this method…¬†

So you totally botched your phone and you want to start all over? It can do that too! Give it a wipe, and a clean install! You’ll have a nice fresh full ThunderHawk installation. That’s right, it can update the latest ThunderHawk, flash BML or MTD, upgrade a different rom, and still do clean installs!

And you know what? It still supports lite/full installations and my other customizations .

I know, I’m excited. But it took quite a lot of frustrating trials to iron out the bugs. I moved so rapidly on this that I couldn’t even involve my testers. But now that its ready to perform, they’ll shortly be testing the rom itself.



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