RandomROMs New Home

Welcome to my new wordpress page!  Unfortunately, my other site has given me nothing but issues, as many of you may know.  For one, it’s down quite often with little notification or support.  While I appreciated the setup and the domain, it just wasn’t the easiest thing to use.  And so, I’ve made the switch from a wordpress-based site to a full wordpress page.  So far, things appear a little easier to use, and thankfully it allowed me to copy my entire website one whole page at a time, albeit with a few formatting errors.  I didn’t have much choice, as romgeeks hasn’t allowed me to even sign in for a week now, and that’s pretty useless.  I’ve also been having nearly as many problems with my uploads to dev-host.  More to the point, I hate their new interface, and it no longer allows me to stay logged in.  It appears I’ll be permanently moving my uploads to min.us instead from now on as well.

Despite the obvious changes, everything else should appear, function, and progress forward much the same as it always has.  With RandomROM 3.4 for the Epic 4G and 4.0 coming, I will be revising the install instructions.  I may even provide a video of myself demonstrating the install.

For those users that registered on my romgeeks site, feel free to register here now instead, but know that no-one has to register to download my files.  Nor are you required to donate, the links are just provided as they always have been for those who may suddenly feel the urge.

Thank you to all my dedicated users.



2 responses to “RandomROMs New Home

  1. Hey. I didn’t know you had this new site. I just donated over at your old site – I hope you’ll still get that?? (cause it debited my account)

    Anyway, thanks for all the great work. Am about to flash the latest.

    Will 4.0 be for EL30? ICS?

    • Can’t check right now, but it’s the same link to the same paypal account. The other website has failed me too many times, I can’t even sign in.

      4.0 will be EL30. Right now the only ICS we have is custom built by Cyanogenmod, with some glitches. I may build a patch for it, but I won’t be tweaking their software into my own rom. Hopefully samsung gives us solid ICS, fingers crossed.

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