ThunderHawk 3.4.2


Okay so here it is, I believe the last RandomROM to be based on EI22 for the Samsung Epic 4G.  I am pretty sure I have ironed out the bug affecting bluetooth and the wifi/4G switching.  I have also enhanced the installer further to ensure success in nearly any install scenario.  Using MTD, RFS, or EXT4, you should now be able to install no matter what.  I’ve updated the theme .zips and lite-full switcher to match this as well.

Furthermore, installing this over 3.3, 3.4, or 3.4.1 will incrementally patch in seconds allowing you to get right back to using your phone!  I know of no rom currently that can install in more ways from one .zip than ThunderHawk currently can.  Not to mention, there’s still pre-installation configurations such as simplistic power menu and scroll-able toggles!

4.0 should be along soon with EL30, but bear with me, I want to get this right in one shot.  Thanks to your feedback, I believe I’ve perfected EI22 and ironed out its few remaining glitches.



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