ThunderHawk 3.4.3


Okay so here we go again.  Once again, I believe this will be the last RandomROM to be based on EI22 for the Samsung Epic 4G.  Using MTD, RFS, or EXT4, you should now be able to install no matter what the scenario.   It took a lot of rescripting and debugging.  I printed 10 pages worth of script and went over it by hand to ensure no mistakes.  I think I finally got it right.

Installing this over 3.3, 3.4, 3.4.1,  or 3.4.2 will incrementally patch in seconds allowing you to get right back to using your phone!  Again, I don’t know of any other rom that has succeeded at this, and it was a large effort on my part to see it all through.  My goal is to make ThunderHawk the most easily installed rom for any Epic 4G user.

4.0 should be along soon with EL30 thanks to these fixes, but bear with me, I still want to get this right in one shot.  Thanks again for your feedback, we’ll find out soon if it’s paid off!



One response to “ThunderHawk 3.4.3

  1. Thanks again for the fast work. My 4g seems to work better, except that I don’t get internet access with the wifi tether when the 4g is on and with decent 4g signal. Works okay with 3g.

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