Randomized CM Touchpad


Many of you may already know, but my wife and I both currently rock the Samsung Epic 4G as our phones.  We each have a tablet as some of you are aware as well.  She has an original Galaxy Tab 7″ for which I’ve already released a rom.  At some point in the near future, I do plan on updating this rom.

However, I myself own an HP TouchPad 32GB.  I picked it up hoping to one day dual boot WebOS and Android, and thanks to the CyanogenMod team, I’ve been doing just that.  However, it’s not quite me.  So in my usual spirit of customization, I am tweaking and modifying it to suit my nature.  For now, I am not intending to release my own rom, but instead, I was considering creating a full patch that which a user could flash over top of CM7 3.5.

Would anyone have any interest in this?

NOTE: I see some interest in a flash-able rom stirring.  I want to be clear that this will be a more private release.  I will not be “kanging” the CM team’s work for forum glory.  By this, I mean that the rom will only exist here, privately.  I will list any major changes, but as the majority of the work is not mine and the work it is based upon is an alpha release by the the developer’s own definition, I will not be providing a support forum.



3 responses to “Randomized CM Touchpad

  1. I see a few people think Cyanogenmod is already perfect. That said, several of you would like a fully flash-able version I’ve hand-modified. Well there’s nothing concrete now, or possibly even soon. Currently, I’m testing various versions to try and beat CM7s 1%/hour battery loss, as I find that highly unacceptable. Even in an alpha version. That said, I still can’t believe how fast they brought Android to a non-supported device! While I generally don’t care for a CyanogenMod “enhanced” interface, it’s all I have to work with on the Touchpad so that’s what I’ll be doing.

    Keep on voting if you want to encourage me to take this up seriously. The baby comes soon, but Android is my hobby!

  2. Hey RK – Did you ever complete a build for the TouchPad? I’m adding one to my collection and see that CM9 is still a bit unstable. Not looking for anything too fancy, just a solid base to run android apps. Is there a private download link you can email. E Broker aka JA (Thunderhawk donor 🙂 )

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