ThunderHawk IV


Here it is.  The latest version, based on EL30.  Released as is, it should be devoid of any problems, as I’ve extensively tested it.  I’ve also yet again rewritten the installation and build features.  This version should safely install over the final version of ThunderHawk III or cleanly install.  As always, I fully recommend making app backups and nandroid backups.  Play it safe!  There are some minor thematic changes, particularly to the pull down curtain.  Bluetooth should be more responsive and this os features the new incoming phone call interface.

Enjoy, Happy Friday the 13th!




6 responses to “ThunderHawk IV

    • No 4G hotspot at all? Damn not being able to test that… Take a look at CleanGB and see if that works with 4G hotspot for you. I believe it’s built into that rom. If that works, I’ll see if I can duplicate his coding.

      • Hot spot works, it just disconnects on 4g. I had the same issue with iii, but you fixed it somehow. Yes, works on cleangb. Looking forward to any updates. Thanks, random.

  1. Hey Random where are the themes? I tried some ACS themes that worked on prior builds but the theme does nothing on this build. It says it installed but it didnt. Where are the lockscreens? I installed that but no luck. I love your work please hlep me out here. Thank you

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