ThunderHawk IV Final


Annnnd… Bam!  The latest version, still based on EL30.  This will be the FINAL El30 version.  This should safely install over ThunderHawk IV or cleanly install.  As always, I fully recommend making app backups and nandroid backups.  Play it safe!  There are some minor thematic changes, particularly to the pull down curtain.  Bluetooth should now be fixed as well as 4G, responses have been positive.  The upcoming ThunderHawk V will be online soon and will flash securely over this version.  I’ll also be updating the install info and possibly making a demonstration video.





2 responses to “ThunderHawk IV Final

  1. I downloaded your Rom but whenever I put my phone to sleep (or it goes to sleep by itself) and try to wake it back up, it freezes then restarts. It also happened with your FC09 ThunderHawk (and the only way it will turn on is if i plug in my charger then press the power button then it works). It even happened to the stock version of FC09 and EL30 too (I think).

    • If you’re having an issue on stock versions as well, then my best bet is that you have a hardware processor issue. Apparently your processor doesn’t like coming back out of deep sleep.

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