ThunderHawk V


Hello followers and fellow users!  The latest version, is now based on FC09.  That’s right, no more modifying your build.prop, you’ve made it to the full version!  This includes Sprint’s network optimizer.  I don’t know much about this feature aside from it’s attempt to better manage wireless networks… thus far it hasn’t hurt functionality or battery life so I’ve kept it in.  This version also includes all the changes I had to build in to make Wifi, Bluetooth, and 4G play along nicely again!  This should safely install over ThunderHawk IV and IV Final or cleanly install.  As always, I fully recommend making app backups and nandroid backups.  Play it safe!  As before, this is MTD only.  The updater-script has proven difficult to accommodate both formats while retaining incremental installs among my other configuration options.  I’m still trying, but for now I’m pushing MTD, as it’s superior performance wise and offers more use-able space.  The install info has been updated and I will be trying to make a demonstration video.





2 responses to “ThunderHawk V

  1. Hi RK! Strange I have been using TH IV and just recently been getting all sorts of FCs with gm, acore and frameworks…. weird so decided to restore the back up with the CWM. Working fine so went ahead and upgraded to TH V (and I see that it is a BML version) This time I’m getting the loops at boot up. I see an error about not able to format the SD-ext so it skipped. I didn’t think it mattered. Am I wrong? Even tho I reformatted the SD card using the Win 7.

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