RandomKing’s New Phone

Well it looks like I’ll be pre-ordering my own Galaxy SIII today.  As with most technologies, I’ve skipped the second iteration to avoid the ‘marginal’ upgrade hysteria.  Anyone who has an SII knows that, although neat, it barely outperforms our wonderful Epic 4G.  That’s not to say I expect any more of a ‘magical’ performance from the third generation, but it’s already clear that Samsung has put much more effort into new features this time around.  Not to mention an even bigger battery (1500 to 1800 to now 2100), plus the US versions of this phone will sport a dual-core rather than a quad, which will likely perform as well while preserving more battery than its European counterpart.

Don’t be fooled, mobile quad-cores are new and relatively untested.  Android isn’t yet designed around taking advantage of 4 cores either, so we’ll be more than fine with our 2 :).  Plus, we’re being given double the ram, so I appreciate that.

There are a lot of new software and hardware features for us to play with.  The moment this phone is safely rooted, I will likely be tearing into it.  Removing Sprint crap-ware is always first on the list :-D.

I am not abandoning or selling my Epic 4G (unless someone wants to pay the full $200 I paid for it).  I will be keeping it around.  New features or not, there’s no denying that both are Android phones and both can do all the same things.  Email.  Gaming.  All the same apps from the app store.  I haven’t yet hit an app I can’t run, so truly our Epic isn’t out of date.

The real reason I’m upgrading?  It’s upgrade time.  This is an 800 dollar phone.  I pay 200 now, the other $600 is subsidized by my Sprint bill.  Or, I don’t pay $200, and I’m still paying that other ‘theoretical’ $600 into my Sprint bill regardless.

To sum up: I will update my Epic when updates come along.  I update all of my electronics.  I will be on the Galaxy SIII until my next upgrade.


4 responses to “RandomKing’s New Phone

  1. I’ve thought about getting the S3 but no physical keyboard. Won’t you missed it? I feel I would! I do a lot of texting.

    • Going to miss it like crazy. They’re not giving us a lot of options these days. There was supposed to be a Samsung Epic II with a keyboard that never materialized. HTC is abandoning physical keyboards as well. But I have been using Swype primarily for some time now, so that will help the transition. Better then hen-pecking the IOS keyboard, that thing is so frustrating!

  2. I was looking at this last night; my daughter has the SGII and it wasn’t a big enough jump. Plus ThunderHawk is awwwweeessommme.

    In all honesty; I said to myself. I need to wait to see what Random does; cause I’ll want to root and well I am partial to the Thunderhawk series.

    I was already anticipating RandomICS; but RandomICS with ICS source … that is gonna be the clincher.

    • I’ll be working with ICS designed to work… rather than ICS patched to work… not that the CM guys haven’t done a great job. 😀

      The phones across all carriers are said to be nigh identical. I’m thinking that cross development will explode with this device. Good things are bound to come!

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