Those Who Can’t Innovate, File Suit.

If you haven’t heard, head on over and read this or a similar article.  It’s getting particularly sad.  But what’s worse is that it was predictable and has happened before.  When Steve Jobs was forced out of Apple, the company fell into a downward spiral.  As it is now, it ceased upgrading it’s existing products and instead fought to protect and ride out on it’s existing products and patents.  We all know that this tactic lead to the near failure of Apple.

So why would the company take this same direction again?  Because Steve Jobs was, and had always been, the heart of Apple.  He was well known to run the company as a slave driver would.  That said, he was a visionary, and a smart enough man to rally the company in order to bring that vision to reality.  Love him or hate him, he had ideas and he made them happen.  But the flock has lost its shepherd now and there’s no one to lead them back to the pen.

The most recent iPhone upgrade relied primarily on a ram increase and a voice interface that was denied to older devices for unknown reasons.  Previous ‘upgrades’ had been similarly uninspired, and that was with Steve Jobs guiding hand.  Of course, I have my suspicions that Jobs grew bored with the phone and finally became more interested in the real world.  I can’t fault him for that, this site and development is only a part-time hobby for me.  That said, in the time since the 4S ‘upgrade,’ Samsung has released two new iterations of its flagship phone.  These upgrades coupled with Google’s OS have brought an array of previously unseen features such as face unlock, NFC, eye tracking, screen improvements, etc.  As the IOS department is the leading profitable sector of Apple, the company is right to be afraid.  Unless they’re hiding something that can really rock the world of cell phones in the way that the first iPhone brought the smart phone mainstream, then they’re quickly going to be buried.

The “iPhone-killer” concept is dead.  Those that are fanatically loyal to Apple will stay.  Those looking for even the simplest of freedoms for their phone will look to Samsung and other companies.  Want to carry extra batteries?  Apple can’t help you.  Want a removable sd card?  Apple can’t help you.  Want to download a new user interface and theme because your phone bores you?  Apple can’t help you.  And these are among the simplest of features Apple won’t let its users have.  But it’s bad enough that Apple wants to lock down their own creations, they also look to stifle any one else’s creation that could pose the vaguest of threats to their profit margin.  I don’t care for most Apple products, for technological as well as financial reasons.  That’s my opinion, I don’t think they’re worthy of the hype.  But I need them to exist.  We all do.  For centuries, competition breeds creativity and innovation.  Apple’s apparent ‘business plan’ is both despicable and disappointing.

Rest assured, I have no doubt that their latest attempt to stop Samsung will fail.  The suit has no merits whatsoever, citing two extremely vague and out-dated patents.  Of which, combined, sound like every OS’s built in file search engine of the last two decades.  Including Window’s search feature which predates both patents.  It is my sincerest hope that Apple gives up these fruitless suits to instead focus their efforts into a new improved product for its customers.


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