Epic 4G Swipe-Away Notifications


First Please Note: This is not an official update!

What does that mean?  I’ve updated ThunderHawk 5.1, but it is still ThunderHawk 5.1.  So if you’re on it already, and you flash the newest version, it WILL NOT INCREMENT YOUR PHONE!

But relax!  Just flash one of my themes :-).  There are 4 themes, plus the Sprint fix theme, and all of them have this new feature already.  What is it?  It’s a feature I built-in from this thread brought to my attention by ca1ne.  Currently, Gingerbread has no way to clear individual notifications in the pull-down menu, but this changes that!  Simply slide the notification in question to the left or right and watch it disappear!

I should mention, it appears a bit finicky.  It requires you to carefully slide your finger horizontally across the notification, or it may return to its original position.  Annoying?  It can be.  But this new feature doesn’t break or disrupt any existing functionality, it only adds!  So it’s neat.





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