Galaxy S III On Its Way

In case you didn’t see it in the news, click here to read more about it.  But simply put, Apple did not manage to block the sales of the Galaxy S III.  No one is terribly surprised, myself least of all.  Apple is worried that Samsung will hurt them in sales, and with good reason.  But Apple would have you believe that it’s because evil Samsung is releasing iPhone ‘clones’ that are confusing people into buying the ‘wrong’ device.  Recent news also indicates that Apple executives believe that their farts can cure cancer (not really).

Apple brought the smartphone to carriers with a subsidy that average users could afford: True
Apple has patented the multi touch interface of using a smartphone: False
Apple reinvigorated the smartphone market in a new way: True
The iPhone is the most advanced device on the market: False
The iPhone contains innovations never seen before: False
Apple has patented the shape of a smartphone: False

Simply put, I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m disappointed with Apple.  The best thing Apple has released to the phone market was the original iPhone more than 5 years ago.  I’m not saying that the latest device isn’t better, because it most certainly is.  But 5 1/2 years ago Apple lit the torch, and since then other companies, like Samsung, have taken that torch and ran far far ahead.  What Apple brought in 2007 was more than a new fancy device.  The iPhone did, and still does, no more than any other phone on the market was or is capable of doing, and generally less.  HTC had a dozen smartphones with cameras, touch screens, wifi, music, and much better office functionality.  What Apple brought was the care and finesse with a simplified interface accessible to even children or the elderly.

However, it didn’t invent any of these things, but simply stood on the shoulders of geniuses and took the next step.  They didn’t earn it for themselves, but they’d like to have you believe that they did!  That’s why they feel so threatened that other companies have taken the same steps and are beating them at their own game!  The Galaxy S III comes with a slew of new features (useful or not, some are just plain cool) that the iPhone does not, and will not have and that’s what has Cupertino in a tizzy.  But their frivolous lawsuits aren’t working out and the newest Samsung Device will be in my hands soon enough!


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