Anyone Tired Of Truly Inaccurate Battery Statistics?


When you navigate through your Settings to the Battery section on your Epic 4G, you’re presented with a little bar graph and plot. The first thing that you may notice is that after nearly 3 hours of usage, my display registers as only 2% of the drain. But by now, you’re well aware that the screen most certainly is the largest drain on most computer devices, especially a touchscreen device. What you may see is something like the following:

So why don’t these percentages make any sense? I can’t tell you for sure, because I didn’t make the decision, but I know where the problem lies. Your phone reports the battery level, as well as usage results, which are run through a calculator function to give you the above charts. Unfortunately, Samsung did not populate the calculator with accurate reading values and left the default useless ones in.

What I’ve done is to extrapolate the hardware values from our sister device, the Google Nexus S. The values work as mah drains against the 1500 mah stock battery.

Previously, the Wifi On, Wifi Active, and Wifi Scan profiles were all defaulted as .1 mah, whereas more accurate values are 4, 120, and 220 respectively. These make sense. Similarly, Screen On was .1 as compared to 49. The result is the following:

The results are immediate and expected. With the phone being on only 6 minutes with the screen on nearly the entire time, one would expect the primary battery usage to be the display.


There is no simple CWM flash-able, but I offer you two solutions.

  1. You can flash either of my roms or one of my FC09 themes which incorporate this fix.
  2. OR you can open your favorite rom/theme, and inject the attached file into the framework-res.apk under res/xml.


Please note, these are, and will always be, based on experimental test values. The only way to truly know where your phone is losing power is to physically test the various innards of your device personally. These values should simply give you a MUCH more accurate representation.


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