HP Touchpad Falcon 1.0

I have officially posted my current rom for the HP Touchpad.  I currently have no instructions for rooting, so this assumes you already have your Touchpad capable of loading Android Roms.  Simply flash this .zip in CWM or TWRP.  This is my first (unofficial) rom for this device.  Only recently have I brought it to a state of performance I find acceptable.  The rom should list and set itself as default in Moboot.  I have had no functionality issues with the exception of the likely never to be fixed camera.  There are adjustments, theming, etc. that I would like to incorporate moving forward.  With it’s increased performance, I am recently using this as a daily device, which only spurs me to try and enhance it further.

The following are a few important notes:

1. Microphone is working.

2. Webcam looks to never work.

3. Battery drains when idle at about 1% an hour. This can give roughly 4 days standby.

4. Will sometimes crash/reboot if not used immediately after boot. Any usage at all after powering the device on seems to circumvent this.

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7 responses to “HP Touchpad Falcon 1.0

    • Haha I’m glad! It took some effort to figure out how to get it to show up there! I had hoped that may lure some users in. There’s not a lot of current stuff out there, so I wanted to share mine!

      • I really appreciate it! I noticed you didn’t post your ROM on XDA. Is there another forum that you frequent? I’m curious also about the recent camera developments. Do you think we will have a working Skype ever or is that another lightyear of development?

      • Dunno whether you want or need a tester, but I’m more than willing. I’m not a dev or even a theme, but I can produce logcats and I’m not afraid of bricking the TP. Feel free to get in touch using my attached email.

  1. i have hp touch pad can i flash it over the cm-tenderloin-9-2012111 nighty? Also i have galaxy tab p1000 can i flash over Her rom or my other tab with A O K P milestone 6 ?

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