HP Touchpad CAMERA!

So good news is here! I was wrong, and progress has continued AND partially succeeded in achieving Touchpad Android functionality!

First and foremost, DO NOT USE THIS. Please. You will just upset yourself. I’ve included a demonstration video in this post to illustrate the functionality as well as issues and glitches brought about by using this software. It barely works and it breaks things, put simply. It can only take pictures in the native application and Skype or other services will not work, yet. The important thing here is to know that progress has been achieved. A proprietary driver has been (partially) unlocked, and can now only be improved. Read for yourself all about it at the thread linked at the end of this post. I will be closely following this progress as I wait to include it’s innards into “my rom.”

I put quotations because I don’t want to delude anyone. Android is open source software by Google. I will generally modify/rebuild/enhance the stock software as it comes from the manufacturer. As the Touchpad was not an Android device, the stock software is CyanogenMod. I will only take credit for “enhancing” what CyanogenMod has kindly given us freely. Especially as I was one of the people who bought his Touchpad and waited several months in anticipation of their work. As such, you will only find my HP Touchpad work here, on my own site. If you come across any features, enhancements, init scripts, apps, etc. that you think I might include to better the device, feel free to tell me!

My Touchpad is just over a year old, that’s infancy to me! I’m far from done with this device. I would like to achieve 3 things:

  • All hardware fully functional
  • Maximum performance
  • Longer battery life

I look forward to the camera being perfected and will include it in my software the minute it is! Hopefully the CM team will include and improve this work to speed things along.

Check out the official thread


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