Upcoming! [10/1]

I’m attempting to do more work to theming my Jaguar rom. I’d like to release a version 0.5 soon. I believe I will soon upgrade my rom to version 1.0 which will be based on the recently released L13, before I post it to XDA or any other forum. Hopefully after that, the next update will be a Jellybean version and will finally show us what the new OS version can really do!

Right now, my newest feature in the works is a themed MMS. You may have noticed that you can choose different bubble styles, but I happen to find most of them ugly, so I’m putting in new ones. I’ve also noticed that the messaging app background by default is not quite black, leading to unnecessary illumination. In case you didn’t know, the biggest advantage to Samsung’s AMOLED screen is that pure black pixels essentially render the pixels off.  That means that any part of your screen showing black is a part of the screen not being used, saving you power. This makes more black theming desirable, although maybe not too attractive… sacrifices.  Regardless, if the background is practically black, I figured it might as well be all black. Makes viewing in the dark easier on the eyes as well. Here’s a screenshot:

I’m also going to slowly expand the usefulness of this site. Soon, I will have a listing of useful and high quality free utilities downloadable through Google Play. This will be a list that I personally recommend, and hopefully a useful resource for anyone with a need.

I will also be adding a list of free open source programs and alternatives for Windows users that I recommend and use.

Finally, anyone who is into Android modding must know by now how much of a pain ICS rom developing can be. To that end, I have patched my rom kitchen that I have previously shared. I will be repackaging the installer and sharing version 1.1.0 for anyone looking to use the tools I currently utilize.



2 responses to “Upcoming! [10/1]

  1. Thanks for HP rom i am currently useing your 1.1 which is the only one that allows sound on boot apart from AOKP40/Build 6 which as they stand are outdated .
    I look forward to a link for the open source tools and any updates that you post .
    Maybe i will be able to learn if its possible to incorporate sound on boot with a regular Nightly .

    • It’s fighting me a tad, I have to tweak the installation a bit more. It will be a Windows msi installer, as easy as can be! It’s built around an APK Manager I’ve upgraded to work with ICS roms. I’ve also included a couple other utilities I regularly use. I hope to include a tutorial video on how some of the features work.

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