HP Touchpad Falcon 1.2

So I went to use Pandora the other day, and found that the audio was still routing through the speakers instead of my headphones. Just a bit awkward, so I found and included updated audio lib files. This should fix any issues you may have seen with headphone audio. The webcam functionality has grown in stability and will hopefully achieve release status in the coming weeks. One can hope! No ETAs, of course. As soon as it’s ready, I will do my best to port it into my setup. If you haven’t seen it already, it should come up under Goo Manager as an update.

The following are a few important notes:

1. Microphone is working.

2. Headphones work now.

3. Webcam is in the works, I hope to be able to include it in my build.

4. Battery drains when idle at about 1% an hour. This can give roughly 4 days standby.

5. Will sometimes crash/reboot if not used immediately after boot. Any usage at all after powering the device on seems to circumvent this.

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9 responses to “HP Touchpad Falcon 1.2

  1. Thanks RandomKing for all your work. Downloaded the update and so far works great. Hopefully the webcam stuff gets ironed out but in the interim I am really happy with Falcon 1.x.

  2. Hi RandomKing, seems that v1.2 has the audio working through headphones but at the same time the audio also plays through the external speakers. I don’t see any settings that enable you to turn off speakers while using the headphones, but its possible I am just missing that switch. Any way to do so, or will it need to be addressed in an upcoming release? Thanks!!

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