Okay! I’m mobile here right now, so I can’t give you much, but I can tell you what’s going on and coming soon(ish).

Let’s start with the HP Touchpad:

Not much to do on it, I have been trying to figure out how to import what’s working of the camera mod into Falcon. Not too much without rebuilding from the ground up. Not a lot to report on this basically, but the website shows that updates are moving along and more apps are proven working.

Next, the Epic 4G:

Okay, again not much changed here. But I have uploaded the files for the modem-disabling patch and the quick-restore rom (doesn’t erase data). I’ve also recently included blacked out Google Voice and Google Plus into my own Epic, so I may share that here too.

Finally, the Galaxy SIII:

Jellybean is running pretty smoothly, and maybe even a tiny bit more battery efficiently (with Google Now disabled)! I’ve managed to average 2.5 days with 3 hours screen time and assorted usage. My basic theming is in place, 15 toggle mod, reboot mod, finally got call/block settings re-enabled. Other fairly standard mods are in as well. I’m just working now to see what else I can include, but I may just drop Jaguar 2.0 shortly and release 2.1 in a week or so with more features enabled!



One response to “Status!

  1. So I’m super interested into turning my wife’s retired epic into a wifi device. Sadly your wifi themes aren’t uploaded anymore and I can’t find where you uploaded these files. Also expressing interest in blacked out apps.

    Hope your holidays have been good.

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