Jaguar 2.0

JellyBean release for all you out there that actually come here. I will be updating information, and then it will find it’s way to a new thread on XDA.

New info coming soon. Watch for version 2.1 with more mods when I get them successfully included. For now, it’s rooted, partially themed, call/block settings enabled, as well as an assortment of other features you likely expect.



14 responses to “Jaguar 2.0

    • Unfortunately the Polaris Office I included doesn’t seem to be compatible with Jellybean (so it says!). I’ll have to fix that, but you can download a working update for free from Samsung Apps.

  1. Awesome I am loving it so far!
    Only 2 things I have had an issue with are upon install the Nova Launcher kept force closing. My apps begin to download right away so my ADW.EX Launcher installed right away and works just fine.
    Also I cannot get rid of this Preparing Network notfication.

    Other than that good work as usual! Will report more as I use it.

    10 hrs unplugged, 47% battery life left with some moderate to heavy usage.

  2. RandomKing… per this earlier comment are updates semi-locked in Jaguar? None of the Sprint ## commands work… I couldn’t activate under Jaguar and now can’t get into the sprint edit menus (with a ## string). So the Hands free activate prompt reappears every boot. Profile and PRL updates work though. (its kinda like that whole Gingerbread modem update alert all over again lol).

    Any System Update action seems to clear the HandsFree activation alert… but like I said, will reappear. And Sprint can’t seem to do anything on its end.

    Otherwise thanks for the effort… looking good. Jelly bean certainly tosses in some unique challenges (many of my apps now can’t see the ext SD card – anyone know of an app for that? (that would redirect files to the ext sd?))

    • So I actually have two versions of Jaguar 2.0. The preliminary, which I tested on my phone as well as my wife’s. And the release version, which I, and all of you are running. Unfortunately, there’s apparently network update issues, and voicemail doesn’t seem to be coming in properly… but it’s working on my wife’s older version (she doesn’t let me update her often)!

      Anyways, I finally have the two versions and I’m going to try and find/solve the problem today. Work has been keeping me very busy and the 9 month old is trying to walk!

  3. Hoping you can point me in the right direction… after gumming up wifi on the S3 (trying to resolve a tether issue) I wiped and re-installed Jaguar but am having Home Button issues…

    Its weird… neither Nova Launcher or Launcher Pro (that I typically use) can get the home button to take a command (all the button does is wake the screen) I’ve seen some threads related to S Voice on this issue but selecting or de-selecting press the home button twice to bring up S-Voice option has made a difference.

    I have a full Titanium Backup Pro set of backups… any ideas what could/should be restored to fix this issue?

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