Falcon 1.4 w/ Camera

Okay, what’s new… PLEASE READ THIS!

Okay, I’m going to make this as simple as I can. Falcon is what people in the development community have come to call a ‘kang,’ which seems to mean derivative of someone elses original work. There’s only two ways seemingly to not be labeled a kang, and that is to build from source code, or to modify a devices official firmware from scratch. Well, as we all know, android on the HP Touchpad is ALL derivative of CM9. The most notable was AOKPs work with Touchpad CM9, which seemed to stop when CM9 development slowed. That said, I had found AOKP to be much improved, and used their work to adjust the Touchpad to my liking.

As such, my work is a derivative of a derivative, so to avoid flaming, I only host it here. I didn’t reinvent the wheel, I’m just here polishing it when I can.

So what’s new? Well, this isn’t fully tested, and I apologize ahead of time. Great work has been accomplished to finally bring the Touchpad camera functionality to ICS! Unfortunately, this is where I encountered a stumbling block. The work has been integrated into CM9’s source. That means that without re-building CM9 and AOKP from source together, I can no longer continue to use AOKPs version, so I’m back to CM9. Don’t get me wrong, CM9 actually seems in much better condition now then when I originally started tinkering with my Touchpad. But some things are different, some better some worse, some missing, etc.

So here you go, Falcon 1.4 is now CM9 based. Some things will appear different and menus changed. BUT the camera is working! I have not tested to see if other things that I previously fixed are no longer working. Feel free to comment on this post or Falcons page to let me know what you find that I could fix. Hopefully nothing is drastically affected and the world can keep on turning!

For you overclockers, the built in settings don’t seem to work like they did with AOKP, so you’ll need SetCPU or something. For XDA users, you can get SetCPU free HERE, but I recommend buying it.



2 responses to “Falcon 1.4 w/ Camera

  1. Thank you for the update, it’s a shame that AOKP is no longer part of the build as I miss the ROM UI especially the sound on boot as yours was the only one where it worked .
    Is there anything I can flash to get the sound option?
    Thanks again.

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