Jaguar 2.1

HERE IT IS! Jaguar 2.1, with working voicemail and PRL updates!

I know, long overdue, and nothing spectacular. But now that problems are ironed out, I can dedicate any spare time I find to enhancements for 2.2!



9 responses to “Jaguar 2.1

  1. RK – THANKS! Looking good/working well thus far… one question tho… I’m trying to redirect internal file storage for apps like Google Music and have found that I cant create symlinks. I’ve read that this is the case with some custom kernels but not stock rooted (as you indicated you used for Jaguar).

    Is this a known problem or is there something I might be missing? – E

  2. So far so good! Great battery life, voicemail and picture mail works. I did a clean install and got the force close of nova launcher but my market begin to update apps right away so i was able to just download my preferred launcher adw.ex and everything worked like a charm! The only weird thing I have noticed and it’s nothing major is top taskbar keeps turning a gray color when I open facebook. If you tap it, it will turn black again.

    Looking forward to the next release! If you ever need a tester I would be glad to help!

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