Galaxy S3 HDMI Out Cable

Okay, I have zero time free. I apologize. They’re throwing so much work at me that I can’t even do the work I already have on my desk, and everything is an emergency!

Ugh! Anyway. This just came in the mail. It’s perfect. Amazon is selling the Samsung MHL hdmi out adapter for the Galaxy S3 for $32. And then you plug an HDMI cable into that. And any of you who have tried know that the old adapters Samsung made do not work for our beloved GS3.

But lo and behold! Deal Extreme sells a nice long adapter cable for $10, with a built in HDMI cable, and the charger plugs into the hdmi end, leaving your phone free to move! Well, I just got mine, hooked it up, and it’s flawless. Mirrors portrait or landscape, and shows everything your phone does. No lag, no stutter, it’s perfect.

And no, I’m not recommending it because I get anything for it, I’m recommending it because I’m using mine now and it’s awesome and I’d like to save you money!

Click here!


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