Jaguar 2.2 Success (UPDATED)

Well, with the loss of my job yesterday morning, I’ve had time to dig further into the rom. I finally got MD4 to work after ironing out bugs with the gps. At first, Google Maps of the new version insisted that I enable Google Location (which I am NOT interested in) so I rolled that back to some files from LJ7 so that it is no longer required. Unfortunately, that ended with GPS not working at all, so I finally rectified that. Themed, the majority of the mods currently in the LJ7 version. I will be repackaging,finalizing, and uploading tomorrow.

After that, I’m going to start digging through some of the more recent mods that I have not yet included. Look for version 2.2 tomorrow.


The rom was uploaded yesterday, so download and enjoy 2.2 MD4! New features primarily include the Multiwindow functionality. In my modding, I found that the newest rom for our Sprint devices demands that you offer up your location to Skynet Google in addition to using the GPS for navigation… Most of the custom roms out there that I tried have this same issue in the latest version, but I rolled it back. I feel we provide enough personal data regularly, they don’t need to know where I am at all times! Enjoy!


7 responses to “Jaguar 2.2 Success (UPDATED)

  1. OMG Grant, no way. I am so sorry to hear that!!!! Especially with a little one. I hope to read that you’ve found something new soon. All the best – Jon

  2. I am very sorry to hear about your job. Hope you have some good prospects and it gets resolved soon, and turns out better than before!


  3. good luck with your job hunt, i have been waiting to see an update for months but now i have become stuck with cm 10.1. i have always been a big advocate of your roms and am now trying to decide to switch back over and try it out. how is themeing with your rom? i loved using the uto kitchen but i tried once back before you updated the rom and it didn’t come out the way i wanted.

  4. trying to download last cpl of days. goo is not very good atm. i’ll give it a go in the am when their servers are less busy.

      • Turns out Comcast was having issues as well. I lost internet for a few hours after these attempts. I just got it now and I’m going to give it a whirl in a bit. Thanks RK!

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