Adaway Issues!

Gather ’round and I’ll tell you a tale! The tale, of Adaway…

Once upon a time there was a fantastic Android application called Adaway. This program let you forcibly block intrusive data consuming and obnoxious advertisements in both apps and webpages alike! But then, the evil overlord Google kicked it out of the kingdom for interfering with their taxes!

…Anyway! I found that the last released version of the app was no longer connecting quite properly and I tracked down its creators. It turns out that there is a later version on unofficial Android stores, and I got my fingers on it. Unfortunately, it seems that, although it works flawlessly, the newer version DESPISES the older version. Forcibly installed by my rom, you may now find that you have no Adaway at all. Well, you do. You’ll find the app under /data/app using ES File explorer. Copy, DO NOT move it, to your sd card. Then, using ES File Explorers App Manager, uninstall it. NOW you can reinstall it using the copy you just made and it will run fine.



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