RandomKing these days…

Hello everybody(if there is still anybody)!
I have not died, nor abandoned the cause. In fact, I have shared everything so far. With a wife, a 2 year old, summer yard management, new job, home car repairs, etc., I haven’t been up to much. I’ve been inactive enough on XDA, that they’ve revoked my Developer Status. The good news, as I see it, is that I haven’t had to be active. Everything I fought to have on my first Android phone and tablet (battery life, features, speed, etc.) is now becoming standard. In fact, I’m curious as to the next revolutionary thing the phone companies will attempt.

That said, I still root every device I own, which is currently an LG G2, Note 10.1, and my Galaxy SIII (relegated to Airplane mode). If you’re a fellow G2 owner, you’ll know that the development is slow, but promising. I’ve just recently updated to Kitkat on my G2 and rooted it once more. My goal now is to package up a custom rom for my Galaxy SIII and update that from 4.3 to 4,4 at last! It’s been feeling a little sluggish… I think it’s time!



2 responses to “RandomKing these days…

  1. Wow your baby is 2 already?? geesh, where does the time go.
    I’m on the Note 3 these days, I’ll say the LG 3 looks like a really nice device.

    Congrats on the new job!! I miss our Epic community, lol – so much was going on then. Like you said the new devices are coming with software that already does most of what we want. It took me a few months to decide on rooting my N3, I am just stock rooted.

    Glad to hear things are good albeit busy.

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