Glympse Location Sharing

So this is an app I’ve been newly introduced to, Glympse.

I was dubious of it’s intended purpose at first, as it’s a location sharing program. But after giving it a shot, personally, I’m a fan. Using this app, you can share your live location on your way to a set destination with your friends or family. To put this in better context, I’ll relate my latest use of it:

My best friend, unfortunately, lives several states and about 6 hours away. On his most recent visit, he shared Glympse, his latest discovery with me. Installed on both of our phones, he simply shared access with me via a text message, and I was instantly viewing his trip as a point on a map. Without so much as a distracting call or text, I could know his current position and ETA just by opening Glympse on my phone. This both allowed me knowledge of his safe travel, as well as time to prepare for his arrival. And for those of you(like me) that fear constant location tracking, Glympse will ask you to set a window of time during which your position can be viewed. After this time elapses, you will have to reset the timer.

This is a great find for traveling friends and family, especially around the holidays.

Check it out here: Glympse



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