Recommended Controller

As will always remain true on my site, I will only review something I myself have used.

Today I’d like to bring attention to a product I’ve bought from my favorite overseas distributor, DealExtreme (as clearly seen in the watermarks). I purchased this controller for a number of reasons:

  1. My toddler son wants to be just like me when I play my PS3, and INSISTS on holding a controller as I play. I bought this for him to hold, drag around the house.
  2. I bought it as an additional PS3 controller, much cheaper than the official remotes.
  3. Using the Sixaxis Controller app, I intended to use this as my Android tablet game controller.


  • Astonishingly, it remains fully functional and relatively unscathed despite my sons regular manhandling. It’s very durable, and has taken multiple drops without issue.
  • It connects to my Playstation 3 and functions flawlessly, I have no complaints on that front.
  • In between abuse from my son, I’ve connected it to my Galaxy Note 10.1 through the Sixaxis Controller app. The app takes some configuration, but the remote works perfectly with it as if it were an official PS3 remote.
  • Decent battery life, I don’t find myself charging it very often.


  • None that I’ve found. I am beyond impressed.



There’s not much else I could say about this controller. A little larger than the stock PS3 controller, but still comfortable in the hand. The R2 and L2 buttons are not trigger style, but they seem to work well for me. Overall It’s solid, has a decent battery life, responds as expected, and is very comfortable to hold. I’m very happy with my purchase and the price couldn’t be better. Head on over here to check it out.



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