Android These Days…

Well, any regular visitors have likely noticed a distinct lack of RandomROM production here. I’ll simply say that there are two (2) reasons for that:

  1. Between life and work, I’ve found my interests branching into different directions. Rooting and Android ROM developing have fallen by the wayside for me (clearly), as I’ve been learning program development instead (Windows Visual Basic, Excel and Excel VBA, and Android App Development). As I am an Engineer, but not a programmer/developer by trade, I’ve been learning as I go via internet resources.
  2. I’m more satisfied with my  (STOCK) Android phone than ever before. Features I once collaborated with other XDA developers to add to my phone are generally standard on most phones now.

So that’s where I’m at, my programming hobbies have changed, and I hope to share some of that work here soon. But on the Android front, I no longer feel needed.



3 responses to “Android These Days…

  1. Hey man,

    Glad to see you’re still plugging away 🙂 I hope the family is doing great. You’ve ventured into my career area (well was my area) I started with VB back in 1.0 – does that make me old? I share the same thought process in regards to device modding and the like, I believe they’ve educated themselves to build in enough of what the xda type communities would add that they’ve given us devices that actually fit our needs. go figure – Ha

    I wish you good luck in your programming life, I hope it’s Epic (see what I did there?)

    • Doing well indeed, the family takes up a fair amount of time (no complaints haha). VB 1.0, eh? I see regular complaints about the age showing for 6.0 haha.

      Yes, it makes me feel better about my money spent!

      I’m regularly looking to push the normal boundaries of VBA, or at least complete a task that entertains me. To that end, I’ll be sharing something soon, although it’s not particularly Epic…

      • 👍 you can do endless things with vba, back when I started we had to use DDE to control office apps (ok crap I just used ‘back in my day’ – eye roll) hahahaha

        I looked forward to what you share


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