Dilbert Comic Viewer for MS Excel (VBA)

DilbertSo, in my time in the professional workplace, I have found a deep appreciation for the work of Scott Adams and his comic strip, Dilbert. Some, in particular, I have found to resonate in disturbingly poignant ways with my own time in the office.

As such, I like to keep up with the strip daily. To aid in that effort, I developed a VBA userform within a macro-based Excel document that I use daily for work.

A simple enough form, it comes with a few features:

  1. Opens automatically to the latest (today’s) Dilbert comic
  2. Offers navigational buttons
  3. Random button displays any comic made since Dilberts’ initial creation
  4. Link button will jump you to the webpage for the currently viewed comic
  5. View button will open the comic in your default Windows image viewer

Download Here: DilbertViewer v1.0.0
The attached .zip file contains a single Excel workbook with nothing more than the Dilbert Viewer userform built in and ready to launch. Also included in this zip file are the userform export files ready for importing into any other Excel workbook.

While I find this utility extremely convenient in my day to day Dilbert enjoyment, I regularly visit the website directly as well, and recommend that you do as well. Dilbert Website



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