Last Updated: 4/27/2016

About Me

Married to my fantastic wife with my young son and daughter!  Life is good, pay could always be better.

Spending some time on the internet finding ways to make my devices better so that I can share it with all of you!

I develop on different devices, but generally only on those that I own! (So buy me a new one, maybe?)

That’s really all there is to say.

About This Site

This site is entirely maintained by RandomKing. Me. No one else. Likewise that goes for file uploads, forum threads, images, everything. If something isn’t working, I’m the only one here to fix it. Everything with the ‘RandomKing’ or ‘RandomROM’ name on it should come through/from here. I maintain up to date details and links first and foremost, here. I also try to cater the pages for easy viewing on a mobile device for your convenience. You’re not required to sign up or go through any hoops to download anything I share here. I cannot verify, nor will I support any files that I didn’t provide here. I still provide support in major forums like XDA. 🙂

Slowly I’m finding new ways to improve the information presented here so that it’s more useful and easier to find for anybody.

Current Device List

LG G4 (x2)

Samsung Galaxy SIII (x2)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (x2)



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