HP Touchpad

[DEVICE] HP Touchpad

NOTE: I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, divorce, bankruptcy, acne, etc. Please do some research if you are a first time flasher BEFORE flashing this rom. YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me if something goes wrong with your device, I will laugh. By downloading, you agree to have read the whole OP and to accept any and all responsibility subsequently.

This rom is a personal hobby of mine to maintain the greatest battery life that I can without sacrificing performance. I’ve scoured the forums searching for the newest and greatest tweaks, mods, apps, etc. to include, and then carefully tested them all for battery performance. I’ve also made additional changes, developments, and additions all my own. As such, these roms have compiled a lot of excellent work of many great developers into my own ideas and configurations. Contained within are many useful apps pre-installed as well as an effort to replicate my exact setup which has yielded me 0-1% battery loss per hour maximum when idle! On good days it’s now beating any other rom I’ve tested!

All included apps have been RandomKing-Approved to conform with the best battery usage. I’m always on the lookout for more tweaks, possible thematic changes, etc. There should be no issues, but should I happen to find one, I may simply release a patch or quietly switch out the upload version.

Many of you have complained that others achieve much better battery life. The goal of RandomRom is to provide MY setup that’s provided me with great battery life. Further details are available in the changelogs.

>>>4.0.4 —- [Falcon I]<<<

RandomROM utilizes free launchers, and has removed all pre-included bloatware.

All idle battery testing has been done using the original stock battery.

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