Boot Animations

For the Samsung Epic 4G

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Kitty Cat Animations | 8/11

This is my first break into boot/shutdown animations.  I put these together for my wife, an adamant cat lover.  We stumbled upon Simon’s Cat videos on youtube and it just made her think of her fluffy cat.  That’s all it took, so I put these together as a surprise to bring more cat joy to her phone!  The look I went for was to have the cat clean itself until the phone is shut down, where it finally stops to look at the screen.  There is a separate flash-able for EC05 and EG22 because Gingerbread uses instead of  You will require a kernel with boot animation support.  While the boot animations should appear just fine, I have not actually tested the shutdown animations yet and am simply assuming how it will appear.  Enjoy!

Black on White Bootloop/Shutdown

White on Black Bootloop/Shutdown

 Screenshot animated gif’s created with myspacegen’s Animated Gif Maker.


  • 8/11/11: Set boot animation speed to 13 fps
  • 8/10/11: White on black animations added

About Flashing Shutdown Animations:

Shutdown animation exists as a sequence of PNG files in /system/media/video/shutdown so this zip will simply copy the image files there. HOWEVER, since this is not simply replacing one file like the boot animation, if you currently have a shutdown animation this zip you should delete the folder using your root accessible file manager of choice (unsolicited advertisement: Root Explorer does very well with read/write permissions and is totally worth the purchase) or adb the folder out of there. If you flash over an existing PNG sequence it may be prone to weird flashing and stuttering.

DISCLAIMER: ALWAYS have a backup of your system BEFORE you flash. I am not responsible for anything bad happening to your phone should you choose to flash these files.

These zips are flashable in CWM3.0+ (edify scripts). It wipes the cache so your first boot might be a bit long.


The following can be downloaded and flashed through CWM:


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