[2.3.5] ThunderHawk

Device: Samsung Epic 4G
Base Rom: 2.3.5 EI22 Gingerbread
Status: Official Build



[Pictures shown not accurate as of latest release and based on 9-lock mod]

Included Features:

journaled | deodexed | zip-aligned | standard mods | mtd/ext4/rfs compatible

custom installer | custom setup | service freezer command | official Kernel

fast | stable| fully-featured | elegant | well-supported

cwm .0.2.7 compatible

Included Apps:

Adaway | Flashlight | Polaris Office | MyBackUp Root | Transparent XDA | Modded Gallery

Black Themed Miu Music | Black Dolphin Mini Browser | GenieWidget Weather/News

ES File Manager | Adao Task Manager |  Flash Player

Amazon App Store (for great daily free apps)

Some Other Varying Apps Are Included For You 

Included RandomExtras:

Journaling-On | ThunderHawk Wallpaper (No-Scroll) | USB Tether | Terminal | VoiceToGo



  • Rooted Epic 4G
  • CWM (Or Newer) BML
  • CWM (Or Newer) MTD


Rooting Your Phone:

Converting To MTD:


1. Backup your device via CWM Nandroid, MyBackup, Titanium, etc.
2. RandomROM’s newest installer will determine how to install your phone:
– Running the last version?   The newest version will patch your phone quickly.
– Running a different rom?    ThunderHawk will attempt to preserve your data.
– Want to do a clean install?  Wipe your phone and install like any other rom.
3. Enter ClockWorkMod Recovery. Versions .0.2.7 are confirmed working.
4. Optional customization steps:
– Flash the RDU Full-Lite.zip to select a rom installation (Full is default).
– See below for additional pre-installation customization’s.
5. Flash the latest RandomROM ThunderHawk.
6. Reboot and enjoy your blazing fast, battery-sipping Epic.


1. Create or modify the file [/sdcard/clockworkmod/options.cfg].
 Click Here for a demonstration.
Alternatively, download the file and move it to said directory.
2. Enter/edit the following without quotes  into the .cfg file using Notepad++:
“lite.version=no”     [Enables/Disables Lite Install]
“adv.power=yes”     [Enables/Disables Advanced Power Menu]
“scroll.toggles=yes” [Enables/Disables Scroll-able Toggles]
3. After you’ve set your options file, flash the rom or theme.
These can be changed and re-applied by flashing a theme any time [Excludes Lite/Full].


  • Open Terminal Emulator and enter the following:

This will freeze Updates, SNS, and DRM services the same way Titanium Backup would. Substituting “superdefrost” for “superfreeze” will thaw these services out instead.

  • Heavily recommended is to disable data syncing (not 3G data) once you’ve imported your contacts and to reduce screen brightness to the lowest comfortable level, disabling auto brightness.
  • Adao Task Killer has been included and pre-configured. Simply place a widget on one of your homescreens, and click it to quickly and safely close all erroneous apps/services. Auto-kill is disabled and an ignore list is included.
  • Adaway is included, but may need to be run to check for updates.


The default installation is Full with Standard Toggles, Advanced Power, and no Lockmod.
-Under Lockscreen Settings>Statusbar Settings check “Hide Battery”, then uncheck it.
-Tiny Flashlight may FC on boot, in which case you should uninstall and reinstall.
-If you don’t know what’s stripped in the Lite version, you probably want Full.
-If you want to overclock, check out Tegrak , SetCpu, or VoltageControl.
-Black Dolphin Mini(Courtesy of Erebos), included, but don’t update.
-Maddoggin’s Glass lock screen does not work, thus I’ve killed it.
-Google Nav GPS works wonderfully fast and accurate.
-Sprint Hotspot will work freely, use it without fear.

The following can be downloaded and flashed through CWM:

If you like my work, donate for diapers!

2.3.5 EI22 ThunderHawk 3.4.3  (2/9/2011)

  • Kernel: ShadowKernel-EL30-MTD-v3.0+OC/UV
  • Kernel: ShadowKernel-EL30-BML-v2.0+OC/UV
  • incremental install feature for randomrom upgrades
  • flashlight moved to randomextras for now
  • fix attempt for bluetooth/4G/wifi issues
  • new el30 incoming phone call interface
  • new clock alarm interface
  • brand new installer script
  • MTD/BML compatibility
  • other stuff

2.3.5 EI22 ThunderHawk 3.3  (12/21/2011 )

  • Kernel: Shadow 1.0.2+OC
  • to be listed
  • other stuff

2.3.4 EH17 ThunderHawk II  (1/07/2012 )

  • Kernel: Shadow 1.0.4+OC
  • updater-script and build.prop updated
  • final eh17 version to be made
  • app changes/updates
  • updated hosts file
  • to be listed
  • other stuff

2.3.5 EI22 ThunderHawk v.3.2  (11/30 /2011)

  • Kernel: Samurai-2.0.1
  • the latest and greatest 10-lock by maddoggin
  • patched overlapping statusbar toggles
  • removed google+ to fix contacts
  • added in circle battery 1% mod
  • fixed airplane toggle icons
  • included silent camera app
  • serious theming overhaul
  • crt on & off built in
  • 1x roaming data fix
  • app changes/updates
  • updated hosts file
  • other stuff

2.3.4 EH17 ThunderHawk v.2.0  (11/07 /2011)

2.3.4 EG22 ThunderHawk v.1.2  (11/07 /2011)

  • Kernel: nubernel-2.6.35_v0.0.1
  • official kernel brings greatly increased stability
  • matching eg22 and eh17 gingerbread versions
  • gps fix with up to 11 satellites in testing
  • updater-script and build.prop updated
  • auto-conversion to ext4 on install
  • app changes/updates
  • updated hosts file
  • other stuff

2.3.4 EG22 ThunderHawk v.1.1  (10/18/2011)

  • talk enabled in standard version with front or back camera
  • wired tether update moved to sd card for manual install
  • polaris office of epic touch fully integrated  in lite
  • comes with epic touch’s new voicemail
  • es file manager pre-root fixed
  • app changes/updates
  • other stuff

2.3.4 EG22 Beta “ThunderHawk” v.1.0 (10/7/2011 )

  • google framework services stability
  • app changes/updates
  • other stuff

2.3.4 EG22 Hawk v.4 (9/20/2011)

  • google framework services stability

2.3.4 EG22 Hawk v.3 (9/12/2011)

  • battery full sound/vibration/notification removed
  • juwe11′s latest ram script built in
  • more blue theming included
  • better pull-down highlights
  • now more stable
  • minor changes

2.3.4 EG22 Hawk v.2 (8/17/2011)

  • 1800+ Downloads!
  • aio mod now includes rotation lag fix
  • more blue theming included
  • new battery icon
  • minor changes
  • blue swype

2.3.4 EG22 Alpha “Hawk” (8/12/2011)

  • 1000+ Downloads!
  • Kernel: Chris41g’s EG22+
  • aio mod fully functionally incorporated
  • exchanged angrygps for gps status
  • boot animations – chris41g
  • mms/sms led notifications
  • decreased ram leakage
  • more blue base theme
  • increased stability
  • some other stuff

2.3.4 EG22 Alpha “Osprey” (8/3/2011)

  • 1000+ Downloads!
  • aio mod incorporated w/o hotspot [flash aio for hotspot]
  • included black dolphin mini – erebos
  • new shutdown animation coloring
  • google navigation compatible
  • google talk/video included
  • new applications included
  • old applications tossed
  • updated applications
  • improved battery life
  • app compatibility
  • some other stuff

2.3.4 EG22 Alpha “Egret” (7/30/2011)

  • restart button included in shutdown menu
  • maddoggin’s lockscreen mod
  • aio mod compatible
  • some other stuff

2.3.4 EG22 Alpha “Eagle” (7/28/2011)

  • Kernel: Bonsai Beta EF02
  • sms/mms messages and email removed from call log
  • added darkkys gallery for removed battery drain
  • ads in apps and websites blocked via adblocker
  • dolphin hd included to replace stock browser
  • obnoxiously loud boot sound removed
  • hotspot + volume control combo mod
  • flash player included
  • some other stuff


First and foremost, a huge thanks to the guys at Samfirmware for making this possible!
This rom incorporates the work of many AndroidCentral and XDA users.
Huge thanks to the development community.  This is Open Source!


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