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[MOD] Freeze Battery-Draining Services | 6/14

This Mod is flashed through CWM to enable 2 simple all-in-one commands to Freeze/Defrost SNS, DRM, and System Updates.  These services are, generally, best kept frozen 99.9% of the time. Not deleted, as I’ve experienced problems if they are actually removed, but disabling them saves noticeable battery life.

You can use Titanium Pro, MyToolbox, ,Bloat Freezer, or Mybackup Pro to freeze services, but that’s only after you’ve installed a rom. Then once you boot in, you have to buy and download that app, and then navigate a huge list of services to freeze.

But it only takes one line of code per service you want to freeze. That’s right, the following commands can be entered into a terminal like ADB or Terminal Emulator to disable these processes:

su (Gains root)
pm disable (Disables DRM launcher)
pm disable (Disables sns)
pm disable (Disables updates)

However, these commands are lengthy, not easily memorized, and just a pain to write. The best solution I can come up with is to simplify the commands.

[Note] You do not want to do this if you don’t understand how freezing these services may affect your day-day use. This will save some battery at the definite cost of DRM content functionality and Facebook Contact integration.

How To Use This Mod:

Still using Terminal Emulator, after you flash one of the linked .zip files, all you will have to type is the following:

To Freeze Services:


To Defrost Services:



The following can be downloaded and flashed through CWM:


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