[2.3.5] Serenicity

Device: Samsung Epic 4G
Base Rom: 2.3.5 EI22 Gingerbread
Status: Official Build [Stable]



What Do I Get With Serenicity 2.2.1?
A deviation from RandomROM setups.
“Where Serenity meets Simplicity, Epic made easy.”

Included Features:

journaled | deodexed | zip-aligned | ciq-removed | kernel-rooted | custom setup | png-optimized

based on EC05 | heavily tweaked | designed for ext4 | service freezer commands

cwm compatible

How To Install Serenicity:

This is a CWM compatible zip installer. I, personally, would recommend updating to A clean installation is always recommended after wiping /data, /cache, and /dalvik-cache. However, this rom should safely flash over any previous Serenicity version you may have, preserving data and settings, and hopefully any other EC05 rom(I haven’t tested them all :P ).

After Serenicity is Installed:

  • Open Terminal Emulator and enter the following:

This will freeze Updates, SNS, and DRM the same way Titanium Backup would. Substituting “superdefrost” for “superfreeze” will thaw these services out instead.

  • Heavily recommended is to disable data syncing once you’ve imported your contacts and to reduce screen brightness to the lowest comfortable level, disabling auto brightness.
  • Advanced Task Killer has been included and pre-configured. Simply place a widget on one of your homescreens, and click it to quickly and safely close all erroneous apps/services. Auto-kill is disabled and an ignore list is included.
  • Ad-away is included, but may need to be run to check for updates.

The following can be downloaded and flashed through CWM:

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2.3.5 EI22 Serenicity v.3.0 (12/27)

      • conversion over to latest gingerbread
      • new thunderhawk 3.3 base
      • latest voodoo color
      • thematic updates
      • no more reboots
      • basically a lot

2.3.4 EH17 Serenicity v.2.0 (11/07)

      • conversion over to gingerbread

2.2.1 EC05 Serenicity v.1.2 (11/07)

      • auto-conversion to ext4 on install
      • serenicity-wallpaper extra
      • app changes/updates
      • updated flash player
      • build.prop updates
      • other subtle stuff

2.2.1 EC05 Serenicity v.1.1 (11/05)

      • built myfiles.apk in for easy mp3 ringtone selection
      • installer-script and build.prop updates
      • instituted new wallpaper
      • superuser updated
      • other subtle stuff

2.2.1 EC05 Serenicity v.1.0 (11/04)

      • KernelGenocide 2.0
      • metro ui imitation launcher 7 set as interface
      • built in miui camera for simplicity
      • built on randomrom phoenix 2.0
      • app changes/updates
      • other subtle stuff


This rom incorporates the work of many AndroidCentral and XDA users. Huge thanks to k0nane, the acs team, chris41g, darkky, theimpaler747, vlatinlove, impulse ex, no2chem, mkasick, mysteryemotionz, rodderick, darkierawr, team viper, optmsprim2, and others I may have missed let me know!


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