UnOfficial Projects

Device: Samsung Epic 4G
Base Rom: Assorted
Status: Unofficial

Anything you find on this page is subject to the following terms:

1.) These projects are not acknowledged.

2.) These projects are not supported.

3.) These projects are not endorsed.

Exactly what you think you’ll get.  As these projects are not endorsed, nor will I offer any additional details.  If you’re experienced in and trust my work, then you can enjoy what you find here.  Rest assured, these projects will undergo the same testing and scrutiny I put all of my projects through.  I will not post anything here that isn’t safe to flash on your Epic 4G.

The following can be downloaded and flashed through CWM:

If you like my work, donate for diapers!


First and foremost, a huge thanks to the guys at Samfirmware for making this possible!
This rom incorporates the work of many AndroidCentral and XDA users.
Huge thanks to the development community.  This is Open Source!


2 responses to “UnOfficial Projects

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  2. Thank you for this 🙂 As soon as my wedding is over and I’m settled in my new place I plan to “buy you a beer” bro.

    Also I’m super glad to hear you’re upgrading to the SGS3. I’m doing the same and in love with your work.

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