Look what I found… for the Epic 4G

I finally found what I did with the last updates for the Epic 4G.

  • ThunderHawk 5.1
  • ThunderHawk 5.1 Clean (Does not erase Data)

Rom Files Located Here

  • ThunderHawk V Blue
  • ThunderHawk V Green
  • ThunderHawk V Pink
  • ThunderHawk V Red
  • ThunderHawk Wifi Blue
  • ThunderHawk Wifi Green
  • ThunderHawk Wifi Red

Theme Files Located Here

I’ll have to fix the links on my pages here later, this is the best I can squeeze in right now.





ThunderHawk Modifications

This will border on being a rant… if you have no interest in what I have to say, scroll to the bottom to see what I have to offer:

Hello all! To the best of my testing, I felt months ago that ThunderHawk had gone just about as far as it could go for the Epic 4G on official firmware. Shortly afterwards, as you well know, I made the jump to the Galaxy S3. It was well worth the (2 year contract) wait! That said, I still have my Epic 4G (unless someone would like to buy it!) as well as my wife’s who also made the jump to the GS3.

Here’s my problem , I am now in possession of two (relatively) unused phones that are infinitely more capable than any previous phone I’ve previously owned, broken, gave away, or packed away. I generally keep at least my last phone as a backup as well as an emergency phone. I especially like to charge them up, turn them off, and take them camping/backpacking with me. But the Epic is still on par with the current average level for Android devices. Even left on Gingerbread, it has access to nearly every app I use on my GS3 or Touchpad, so I’ve been straining my head over how to best use it! Thanks to apps like Groove Ip and Spare Phone  I have coupled my phone with Google Voice and turned it into a full call/text capable Wifi phone which runs great under Airplane mode.

Using Wifi only, my Epic can last weeks in standby, just ready to be used in a moment’s notice. This is also great for being a media player, since it can last forever without the modem killing the battery! Which also makes it great as a gaming device. But while Airplane mode offers incredible extended battery capability, it limits me greatly. Bluetooth and GPS cannot be used. Which kills my final re-purpose capability, as a replacement car GPS (using CoPilot).

I have attempted to make it a better wifi-only device. I disabled the radio without entering Airplane mode and removed all phone-related apks. This may offer better still battery (not fully tested) and seems to allow bluetooth (not fully tested) but definitely kills gps, as the gps is apparently physically tied to the modem. It also permanently kills the modem until you re-flash a rom. If you’re interested in a wifi only device for better battery for something like Gaming, Wifi phone, Mp3 player, etc. then I have made this into a patch for ThunderHawk or any rom really. I’ve also made a quick non-formatting restore rom version that can be used to restore phone functionality at any time.

If you have any interest in these two files, leave comments and let me know!

UPDATE: Looks like I’ll clean up the files and post them.



So i have just been informed that two weeks ago, goo.me lost EVERY file it had. This includes Roms like Cyanogenmod and AOKP. Obviously i have backups of most of my files, but i didn’t expect to have to restore everything. It will take some time to restore the links. For the Epic 4G, this likely means that any older Rom version is lost, and only the latest will be available.

For details on the crash, click here.

Anyone Tired Of Truly Inaccurate Battery Statistics?


When you navigate through your Settings to the Battery section on your Epic 4G, you’re presented with a little bar graph and plot. The first thing that you may notice is that after nearly 3 hours of usage, my display registers as only 2% of the drain. But by now, you’re well aware that the screen most certainly is the largest drain on most computer devices, especially a touchscreen device. What you may see is something like the following:

So why don’t these percentages make any sense? I can’t tell you for sure, because I didn’t make the decision, but I know where the problem lies. Your phone reports the battery level, as well as usage results, which are run through a calculator function to give you the above charts. Unfortunately, Samsung did not populate the calculator with accurate reading values and left the default useless ones in.

What I’ve done is to extrapolate the hardware values from our sister device, the Google Nexus S. The values work as mah drains against the 1500 mah stock battery.

Previously, the Wifi On, Wifi Active, and Wifi Scan profiles were all defaulted as .1 mah, whereas more accurate values are 4, 120, and 220 respectively. These make sense. Similarly, Screen On was .1 as compared to 49. The result is the following:

The results are immediate and expected. With the phone being on only 6 minutes with the screen on nearly the entire time, one would expect the primary battery usage to be the display.


There is no simple CWM flash-able, but I offer you two solutions.

  1. You can flash either of my roms or one of my FC09 themes which incorporate this fix.
  2. OR you can open your favorite rom/theme, and inject the attached file into the framework-res.apk under res/xml.


Please note, these are, and will always be, based on experimental test values. The only way to truly know where your phone is losing power is to physically test the various innards of your device personally. These values should simply give you a MUCH more accurate representation.

Epic 4G Swipe-Away Notifications


First Please Note: This is not an official update!

What does that mean?  I’ve updated ThunderHawk 5.1, but it is still ThunderHawk 5.1.  So if you’re on it already, and you flash the newest version, it WILL NOT INCREMENT YOUR PHONE!

But relax!  Just flash one of my themes :-).  There are 4 themes, plus the Sprint fix theme, and all of them have this new feature already.  What is it?  It’s a feature I built-in from this thread brought to my attention by ca1ne.  Currently, Gingerbread has no way to clear individual notifications in the pull-down menu, but this changes that!  Simply slide the notification in question to the left or right and watch it disappear!

I should mention, it appears a bit finicky.  It requires you to carefully slide your finger horizontally across the notification, or it may return to its original position.  Annoying?  It can be.  But this new feature doesn’t break or disrupt any existing functionality, it only adds!  So it’s neat.




Serenicity V


Hello followers and fellow users!  This is the Serenicity rom.  It is structurally identical to ThunderHawk series V.  That said, it features a Windows Phone 7 type launcher called Launcher 7.  This creates a very different feeling interface and a different experience.  This rom is meant to be simpler while offering all of the same capabilities of RandomROM!  Suggestions will be considered on this, and only this, rom.  As new ideas come to me, this rom may continue to evolve and change the way it functions.