Galaxy S III Support

If you’re wondering or have been wondering why I have not updated my Jaguar ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S III, there are a few reasons. My 2.5 year old son and his incoming gender undetermined sibling take up a fair amount of my ‘free time’ these days. And with good reason. I enjoy time with my son much more than I do frittering time away on a phone. That’s fair, right?

Now don’t despair! That’s not the main reason I haven’t put out a ROM. I am still a man that expects his devices to do much, and to do it well. In this case, Wanam Xposed and the Xposed Framework are to blame. Simply download a Deodexed KitKat ROM, install the Xposed Framework and Wanam Xposed (found here), and you have nearly every thematic and functional mod at your fingertips that I was going to build in by hand, and more!

And that’s it. That’s how I’m currently getting the best experience I can out of my Galaxy S III.




GS3 Battery Recommendations

GS3 Battery RecommendationsGS3 Battery Recommendations

Many people continuously ask me how I manage to get the battery life that I do. While some of it is in the modifications I’ve made in my own roms, a fair portion of the savings are in how I use my phone.

Recently, I’ve adopted a new program into my regime. Greenify.

You likely know that Samsung has a “Task Manager” built in that allows you to forcibly close most things. But even then, many services may still be left running. For this reason, I have continued to use Advanced Task Manager. I disable any auto-killing, as that uses up more background battery than it saves. Instead, I place it’s widget on my home page and tap it before locking my phone each time.

Now, there are several services that run in the background that are necessary for Android to run. And there are some that are necessary for certain apps to receive their data and give you notifications. But there are PLENTY of others that don’t need to run.

Now, you have to put some thought in, but basically, the task killer will kill everything, for the moment. Anything that comes back that’s unwanted can be ‘hibernated’ by Greenify. These apps will function perfectly fine when you open them, but Greenify and Advanced Task Manager will ensure that they can’t run in the background continuously.


Adaway Issues!

Gather ’round and I’ll tell you a tale! The tale, of Adaway…

Once upon a time there was a fantastic Android application called Adaway. This program let you forcibly block intrusive data consuming and obnoxious advertisements in both apps and webpages alike! But then, the evil overlord Google kicked it out of the kingdom for interfering with their taxes!

…Anyway! I found that the last released version of the app was no longer connecting quite properly and I tracked down its creators. It turns out that there is a later version on unofficial Android stores, and I got my fingers on it. Unfortunately, it seems that, although it works flawlessly, the newer version DESPISES the older version. Forcibly installed by my rom, you may now find that you have no Adaway at all. Well, you do. You’ll find the app under /data/app using ES File explorer. Copy, DO NOT move it, to your sd card. Then, using ES File Explorers App Manager, uninstall it. NOW you can reinstall it using the copy you just made and it will run fine.


Jaguar 2.5.0 Incoming!

So I discovered that my phone could not possibly install Google Keyboard while using my ROM. This set me on a quest. And in that quest, I found several other issues I was unaware of. Apparently, if you don’t already have Nova Launcher installed, the included one would crash. I’ve solved that and re-included Samsungs launcher as a backup.

Apparently also I had lost the ability to rearrange the quick toggles. That’s been restored.

Messaging can now prevent the screen from turning on when a message is received to make sleeping a little easier!

As was my goal from the onset, Google Keyboard can now be downloaded and installed from the Play Store.

I learned all of this through a harrowing journey of wiping my data and starting from scratch (Gasp!). Anyway, more functional and more stable than before, I will be uploading as soon as I can get a decent internet connection going!

Now I can focus on finding other features to enable in my rom.