Glympse Location Sharing

So this is an app I’ve been newly introduced to, Glympse.

I was dubious of it’s intended purpose at first, as it’s a location sharing program. But after giving it a shot, personally, I’m a fan. Using this app, you can share your live location on your way to a set destination with your friends or family. To put this in better context, I’ll relate my latest use of it:

My best friend, unfortunately, lives several states and about 6 hours away. On his most recent visit, he shared Glympse, his latest discovery with me. Installed on both of our phones, he simply shared access with me via a text message, and I was instantly viewing his trip as a point on a map. Without so much as a distracting call or text, I could know his current position and ETA just by opening Glympse on my phone. This both allowed me knowledge of his safe travel, as well as time to prepare for his arrival. And for those of you(like me) that fear constant location tracking, Glympse will ask you to set a window of time during which your position can be viewed. After this time elapses, you will have to reset the timer.

This is a great find for traveling friends and family, especially around the holidays.

Check it out here: Glympse



Recommended Android Apps Part 2

As I mentioned previously, I am putting together a page of Android apps that I personally use daily and recommend. Going forward, I will also be compiling similar pages for Windows and likely Linux.

There’s too much conflicting information out there on the web. So instead of reviewing everything, comparing everything, praising and criticizing EVERYTHING… I will simply be sharing the software that I have chosen. Rest assured, everything I do use I have already carefully compared and tested before fully adopting. If you would like to compare any of my suggestions with popular alternatives, there are many many comparison articles available through a Google search.

If you would simply like an unabashed recommendation of everything Android (and in the future, Windows) based solely on my own use, then this will be the place for you. Simple and to the point.

One hub for download links.

Check out the page here: Recommended Android Apps


Recommended Android Apps

I’m working on a new page where I can recommend apps that I personally use on a regular basis, how I use them, as well as direct links to the aforementioned apps. Going forward, I’ll be explaining why or how I use certain apps, and in some cases, why I’ve elected to use a particular app in lieu of another readily available and comparable app. Hopefully this page will serve to answer questions anyone might have in this regard. My goal is to share the combination of programs that works the best for me on my Android devices so that you may achieve similar experiences.

Check out the page here: Recommended Android Apps


Hangouts, Voice & Dialing!

So Google has at last merged it’s antiquated Voice app with it’s Hangouts app. Seamlessly utilize Voice and Hangout messages in one conversation (as many of you have been doing with your SMS). This is welcome news, as it also brings a refreshing interface change to the Hangouts app.

That said, the real change was the inclusion of the Hangouts Dialer! Not that surprising in itself if you’ve been aware of Google’s persecution of all apps utilizing the Voice service to deliver free phone calls. With a mandate that all 3rd party apps cease this usage several months ago, it’s nice to have an official interface at last. That said, the call service itself appears to be spotty when using Hangouts Dialer, at least for me. I, myself have retained one of the aforementioned blacklisted apps in its unmodified form, and it still delivers flawless digital voice calls. Unfortunately, the Dialer functionality is virtually unusable at the moment, hopefully Google will improve this shortly!


Amazon Instant Video (For Android!)

Are you an Android user? Not a Kindle Fire user? Jealous that even IOS users have access to all instant video services, but only proprietary Amazon hardware users get access to Amazon Instant Video?
Fret no more! The day of reckoning has come! Amazon at last has graced us with their services! If you’re reading this post, then chances are high that you’re already familiar with this particular streaming service. That said, I will not elaborate on how it works, but will instead simply explain how to get it:

  1. You must already have the Amazon App Store installed on your device. This is the only store that offers the video app for download.
  2. Download Amazon Instant Video from the Amazon App Store.
  3. If you don’t already have it, you will be prompted to download the Amazon app. This will serve as the front-end for your video consumption purposes.

That will do it. You can now begin streaming. Enjoy! Check out other recommended apps on my growing list page.

RandomKing these days…

Hello everybody(if there is still anybody)!
I have not died, nor abandoned the cause. In fact, I have shared everything so far. With a wife, a 2 year old, summer yard management, new job, home car repairs, etc., I haven’t been up to much. I’ve been inactive enough on XDA, that they’ve revoked my Developer Status. The good news, as I see it, is that I haven’t had to be active. Everything I fought to have on my first Android phone and tablet (battery life, features, speed, etc.) is now becoming standard. In fact, I’m curious as to the next revolutionary thing the phone companies will attempt.

That said, I still root every device I own, which is currently an LG G2, Note 10.1, and my Galaxy SIII (relegated to Airplane mode). If you’re a fellow G2 owner, you’ll know that the development is slow, but promising. I’ve just recently updated to Kitkat on my G2 and rooted it once more. My goal now is to package up a custom rom for my Galaxy SIII and update that from 4.3 to 4,4 at last! It’s been feeling a little sluggish… I think it’s time!