Recommended Android Apps

Provided on this page are links, descriptions, screenshots, and personal reviews of applications I personally use on my Android devices. I receive no monetary compensation for endorsements made here (unless someone wants to pay me!), and I will only recommend apps here that I actively use.


Amazon App Store

If you know Amazon, then you probably know the Amazon App Store. It’s basically the number two place to get your android apps.

F-Droid App Store

Looking for something that was pulled from Google for one reason or another? You may find what you’re looking for here, like Adaway.

Google Play Store

The preferred and most secure place to keep up to date with Android Apps. You probably already have this on your device.



Amazon Instant Video (Requires Amazon App)

A growing service of a few years, but brand spanking new to non-Kindle Android devices. Lot’s of new movies for Prime users.


If you don’t know Netflix, you may be living under a rock. And not have internet. Or a smartphone. How are you here?




One of the first apps I downloaded, and the finest. Quick, easy, cloud-support, hide unwanted images, rotate and crop on the fly. Easy.




Be careful if you have a limited data plan on your phone with this one, but if you’re on Wifi, stream away! Free streaming music.

Adobe Flash

Not as required these days, but you’ll likely still find sites with flash videos that you can’t watch without this.



ES File Explorer

Hands down, this is the most useful and convenient file explorer app I’ve used, and it’s so much more!

Nova Launcher (Prime Purchase Recommended)

Through my history of Android, I’ve tried several launchers, and Nova has been the most feature packed, cleaned, and well supported.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Keep scheduled virus scans if you want, or manually scan your entire phone, SD card and all.

The Cleaner

Clear your RAM, clear your cache, clear your clutter, clear your unused apps, clear your conversation history.


Tired of your favorite game nagging you and draining your battery? Hibernate it when you’re not using your phone.

ES Task Manager

An old favorite, and often disparaged utility, drop this widget on your home page and quickly kill all apps in the background with a tap.


Quickly disable all ad streams on your phone. But maybe white list your favorite sites to support them?




I’m a Springpad fan. But as that died, I was forced to switch to its closest competitor, and I’m not disappointed (except for data limits).


Not free. But worth it if you’d like to cloud sync your alarms and ring more than one device simultaneously.


Has a lot of ways to configure, though not as many as Tasker. I use this to set my sound profiles (work and home) when I enter certain WiFi.

WPS Office

May or may not be the best office program, they’re all so similar. But this one is undeniably fantastic for its cost (free)!



Not much to say about the following. The standard Google apps are pretty well known, and probably preloaded on your device.

I share what I can.


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