[2.2.1] Phoenix

Device: Samsung Epic 4G
Base Rom: 2.2.1 EC05 Froyo
Status: Official Build [Stable]



Included Features:

journaled | deodexed | zip-aligned | ciq-removed | kernel rooted | custom setup | png-optimized

based on EC05 | heavily tweaked | designed for ext4 | service freezer commands

cwm compatible

Included Apps:

ES File Manager/Task Manager | Adobe Reader and Flash Player 10.3 | Amazon App Store (for great daily free apps)

Erebos Black Dolphin Mini | Miu Music | Weather/News | Quickpic and Darkky’s Gallery3D | Adaway | TeslaLed

VoltageControl | Polaris Office | MyBackUp Root | Transparent XDA | Terminal Emulator

Some Other Varying Apps Are Included For You 

Included RandomExtras:

Journaling-On | Phoenix Wallpaper (No-Scroll)

How To Install RandomROM:

This is a CWM compatible zip installer. I, personally, would recommend updating to A clean installation is always recommended after wiping /data, /cache, and /dalvik-cache. However, this rom should safely flash over any previous RandomROM version you may have, preserving data and settings, and hopefully any other EC05 rom(I haven’t tested them all :P ).

After RandomROM is Installed:

  • Open Terminal Emulator and enter the following:

This will freeze Updates, SNS, and DRM the same way Titanium Backup would. Substituting “superdefrost” for “superfreeze” will thaw these services out instead.

  • Heavily recommended is to disable data syncing once you’ve imported your contacts and to reduce screen brightness to the lowest comfortable level, disabling auto brightness.
  • Advanced Task Killer has been included and pre-configured. Simply place a widget on one of your homescreens, and click it to quickly and safely close all erroneous apps/services. Auto-kill is disabled and an ignore list is included.
  • Ad-free is included, but may need to be run to check for updates.

The following can be downloaded and flashed through CWM:

If you like my work, donate for diapers!

2.2.1 EC05 Phoenix II (11/29)

  • updater-script and build.prop updated
  • themed to match thunderhawk
  • app changes/updates
  • settings updates
  • fixed dialer
  • other stuff

2.2.1 EC05 Phoenix v.2.2 (11/07)

  • Kernel: Genocide 2.0
  • updater-script and build.prop updated
  • auto-conversion to ext4 on install
  • app changes/updates
  • superuser updated
  • other stuff

2.2.1 EC05 Phoenix v.2.1 (10/18)

  • wired tether update moved to sd card for manual install
  • polaris office of epic touch fully integrated  in lite
  • es file manager pre-root fixed
  • app changes/updates
  • other stuff

2.2.1 EC05 Phoenix v.2.0 (10/7)

  • app changes
  • filesystem updates
  • other stuff

2.2.1 EC05 Phoenix (8/29)

  • 1200+ Downloads!
  • maddoggin’s 6-lock built in
  • necrosan’s hotspot built in
  • mkasick’s volume built in
  • phoenix blue theme
  • swipepad included
  • app changes
  • other stuff

2.2.1 EC05 v. 1 Plus

  • 1000+ Downloads!
  • longest battery life ever tested from boot
  • version 1 revisited but not further modified
  • freezing known to happen rarely
  • keyboard speed demon patch
  • theme updated to version 1.2
  • all apps updated to final
  • other stuff

2.2.1 EC05 v. Final

  • 1000+ Downloads!
  • rom rebuilt from version 1 including all revision updates
  • sd card speed fix added to runtweaks – brainmaster
  • ram booster added to runtweaks – darkky
  • included non-journaled [king] version
  • adao task manager pre-configured
  • modified sqlite.so tweak added
  • fixed kernel installation script
  • fugu-tweaks – nikademus
  • apps updated
  • other stuff

2.2.1 EC05 v. 4 (6/23)

  • transition animation speed automatically set to fast on first boot
  • file system tweaked for more speed and battery savings
  • hardware keyboard response improved – theimpaler747
  • fugu-tweaks included as after-market flash-able
  • black miren included to replace dolphin mini
  • theme updated to version 1.2
  • adobe reader included
  • tw date fix – chris41g
  • lag erased
  • other stuff

2.2.1 EC05 v. 3 (6/21)

  • Kernel: Genocide 1.0
  • reverted back to genocide 1.0 for battery and speed
  • theme updated to version 1.1
  • other stuff

2.2.1 EC05 v. 2 (6/17)

  • Kernel: Twilight 1.1.1
  • low battery killers removed from camera, music, video players
  • exchanged genocide 1.0 for twilight 1.1.1
  • modified dalvik/libdvm.so – no2chem
  • gps crash workaround – mkasick
  • updated bionic 1.0 – no2chem
  • theme updated to version 3.1
  • gps assistance – mkasick
  • other stuff

2.2.1 EC05 v. 1 (5/27)

  • Kernel: Genocide 1.0
  • sms/mms messages and email removed from call log
  • added darkkys gallery for removed battery drain
  • ads in apps and websites blocked via adblocker
  • dolphin mini included to replace stock browser
  • genocide kernel for overclocking/undervolting
  • restart button included in shutdown menu
  • ‘battery full’ popup and sound removed
  • obnoxiously loud boot sound removed
  • “am” and “pm” removed from clock
  • carrier iq dissolved – k0nane
  • flash player included
  • other stuff


This rom incorporates the work of many AndroidCentral and XDA users. Huge thanks to k0nane, the acs team, chris41g, darkky, theimpaler747, vlatinlove, impulse ex, no2chem, mkasick, mysteryemotionz, rodderick, darkierawr, team viper, optmsprim2, and others I may have missed let me know!


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