[4.0.4] Falcon

Device: HP Touchpad
Base Rom: 4.0.4 ICS
Status: Unofficial Build

Included Features:

Extended Power Menu Options | 1x Signal Mod | Battery Full Pop-Up Mod

Working Wifi | Working Microphone | Moboot Entry

Included Apps:

Adaway | BusyBox Installer | ES File Manager | Advanced Task Manager |  Flash Player | Swype

MyFiles | USB Tether | Terminal | Swipepad | Swype Installer | GAPPS (selective)

GrooveIP | GooManager | Voice Search | TubeMate

 Amazon App Store (for great daily free apps)



  • Rooted HP Touchpad
  • TWRP (Preferably) or CWM Recovery


Rooting Your Tablet:

  • Option A: ……….
  • Option B: ……….



1. Backup your device via CWM Nandroid, MyBackup, Titanium, etc.
2. RandomROM’s installer will
3. Enter ClockWorkMod Recovery.
4. Flash the latest RandomROM Falcon.
5. Reboot and enjoy your Touchpad.


  • Advanced Task Killer has been included and pre-configured. Simply place a widget on one of your homescreens, and click it to quickly and safely close all erroneous apps/services. Auto-kill is disabled and an ignore list is included.
  • Adaway is included, but may need to be run to check for updates.


  • If you notice any major issues like Force Closes, wipe and reinstall.

The following can be downloaded and flashed through CWM:


  • Falcon 1.4

  • Default Wallpaper

If you like my work, donate for diapers!

4.0.4 Falcon 1.3  (12/13/2012 )

  • Kernel: CM9
  • issues unknown as of now
  • —-

4.0.4 Falcon 1.3  (10/21/2012 )

  • 600+ Downloads
  • Kernel: CM9…
  • (really) fixed audio out to headphones
  • —-

4.0.4 Falcon 1.2  (10/15/2012 )

  • Kernel: AOKP…
  • fixed audio out to headphones
  • —-

4.0.4 Falcon 1.1  (9/22/2012 )

  • Kernel: Umm…
  • second real release
  • —-

4.0.4 Falcon 1.0  (9/20/2012 )

  • Kernel: Umm…
  • first attempt
  • —-


First and foremost, a huge thanks to the guys at Samfirmware for making this possible!
This rom incorporates the work of many AndroidCentral and XDA users.
Huge thanks to the development community.  This is Open Source!


11 responses to “[4.0.4] Falcon

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  2. Do you have any problem with my posting a thread about your ROM? Or do you want to do your own posting? I wouldn’t have known your work existed except for goomanager showing it as a compatible ROM. I think the TP community would be glad to hear of your work.

    • I don’t mind people spreading the word. I just want it known that I only take credit for enhancing and combining other peoples’ work in the best way that I can. There seems to be a ‘gray area’ when dealing with Cyanogenmod. 😀

  3. Hope you are still paying attention to this, I discovered your build and wanted to thank you for your work. I was having issues with the CM9 bi-weekly nightlies loosing keyboard and other things (not sure why, probably some app I got busted things) and took a shot using your integration work. I have a stable TouchPad running now which has allowed me to extend the life of my tablet. Since I haven’t seen any updates my fear is that you have moved onto something more interesting. Here is hoping that its a JB version for the touchpad or future goodness in FALCON. If you compile it I will have the confidence to give it a whirl when you say its ready. The donation button linked to something about skittles at AOL so I wasn’t sure I was in the right place – I’d like to contribute towards some diapers or a brew to help you sleep at night drop me an email and let me know where to connect or send it. THANKS AGAIN !!!

    • Skittles is the one. It’s an old email of my wife. I haven’t given much thought to JB for the Touchpad, as ICS has treated me quite well up until now. What advantages are there that you’re looking for in the upgrade?

      • My concern is the potential for missing potential JB only apps like Paranoid Android HALO, although that is probably most valuable with an always connected device. I had popped over to Reverend Kyle’s web site and saw the idiots guide to install CM10 and thought I might wait until you had dipped your toe in the JB waters before I would try it out. Your attention to detail has served me well, particularly with battery life on the FALCON builds. thanks, next time I am out there I will drop in and leave you some skittles coin 🙂

        Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 22:12:37 +0000 To: boycehr2@hotmail.com

  4. Sir, I have not seen any updates.
    I am using your ROM as Base and using the name as UnFalcon(UnofficialFalcon).
    Sir, could you please reupload the Falcon-v1.4.zip to Goo.im? I can’t see it anymore. I want it for the camera fix

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